06-02-2011 till 06-02-2011

Collecting day memories of the 3th of October

On Sunday the 6th of February Museum De Lakenhal gives all residents of Leiden and the surrounding area a final opportunity to share their favourite 3rd of October moment with the museum. De Lakenhal is looking for stories and tangible memories of the 3rd of October celebration. These memories will become part of the exhibition ‘The Relief of Leiden (1574): from Freedom to Festival’, on display in the museum in the second half of 2011.

For over 430 years the Siege and Relief of Leiden have been commemorated by its inhabitants. In the years immediately after the Relief a yearly memorial service and celebration were held, including a thanksgiving in the Pieterskerk, a flea market and processions. From 1886, when the association ‘3 October Vereeniging’ was established, the celebration increased in proportions. Not only did the thanksgiving and procession return, the handing out of herring and white bread, the reveille, the plainchant, the tattoo and the fun fair became regular elements of the 3rd of October celebrations.

The ‘3 October Vereeniging’ will celebrate its 125th birthday in 2011. To mark this anniversary De Lakenhal will display a huge exhibition about the Siege and Relief of Leiden. Nowhere in The Netherlands is a historical commemoration experienced more vividly than in Leiden. This is why De Lakenhal is very interested to hear about the memories of the people of Leiden of this extraordinary day. The museum thinks a contemporary view on the festivities is of great importance to the exhibition and all the residents of Leiden and the surrounding area can help us depict that.

On the 6th of February De Lakenhal opens its doors between 12:00 and 16:00 for all residents of Leiden with a special story or tangible memory of the 3rd of October celebration. These stories and memories could become part of the exhibition.

When you come to the participation day:

• You have to bring the filled-out participation form to De Lakenhal.

• There is a good chance your object and your favourite 3rd of October moment will become part of the exhibition ‘The Relief of Leiden: from Freedom to Festival’. Sunday the 6th of February is a selection round. That day employees of De Lakenhal will look at your object and listen to your story. At the end of the day a number of objects and stories are selected. At a later date this year we will let you know if your story and object get to be part of the exhibition. The outcome of the selection will not be discussable afterwards.

• You don’t have to leave your objects behind in De Lakenhal. You can take the object back home with you. When you get through the selection rounds, we ask you in August 2011 to hand in the object to the museum to give it a proper place in the exhibition. The museum will have your object temporarily on loan.

• You have the option to be photographed by Marc de Haan. This photograph is a gift from De Lakenhal.

• You get two tickets for the opening of the exhibition to thank you for your participation. You will receive an invitation by letter.

Please download the form to fill in beforehand, to ensure things go smoothly on the 12th of September. Download the form here!