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Friday March 07 2014
Museum De Lakenhal presents a world premi?re: Gerrit Dou. The Leiden Collection from New York

Gerrit Dou (1613-1675) is one of the greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age. With this exhibition, Museum De Lakenhal pays tribute to this master who was born in Leiden 400 years ago. This is the first time all of Dou’s paintings from The Leiden Collection in New York have been publi (...)Read press release >>

Tuesday December 31 2013
Museum De Lakenhal INSPIRED, CONNECTED and RENEWED in 2013 and presents a promising programme for 2014.

Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden closed the year successfully. The museum looks back on a year full of highlights, with the extraordinary presentations ‘Mighty Glass’ and ‘WORLD TREASURES. From Cicero to Erwin Olaf’ in spring, with the selection of a talented architect team fo (...)Read press release >>

Wednesday December 18 2013
Museum De Lakenhal presents: Gerrit Dou. The Leiden Collection from New York

Museum De Lakenhal pays tribute to Gerrit (Gerard) Dou (1613-1674), great master of the Dutch Golden Age, with a special private exhibition of the largest collection of Dou paintings worldwide. Dou was born in Leiden 400 years ago. From 11 March through 31 August 2014, Museum De Lakenhal in Leide (...)Read press release >>

Tuesday September 10 2013
UTOPIA 1900-1940. Visions of a New World

As of 22 September, Leiden’s Museum De Lakenhal will fully focus on reformation. Works by famous artists such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Kazimir Malevich and Franz Marc will exemplify  the revolutionary ideals of expressionists and constructivists: the two major avant-garde movement (...)Read press release >>

Friday September 14 2012
Museum the Lakenhal dazzles with PEARLS in the arts, nature & dance

A breath of air, a dive into the deep, spherical blue and next you will be astonished by an overwhelming number of pearls. From 16 September, Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden dazzles with PEARLS in the arts, nature & dance, which is both a unique and cross-border experien (...)Read press release >>

Monday October 03 2011
Liberty! The Relief of Leiden 1574-2011

This fall Museum De Lakenhal presents a major exhibition on The Relief of Leiden. A presentation featuring historical facts, stories and artefacts with a new contemporary historic piece created by the distinguished and famous photographer Erwin Olaf.

(...)Read press release >>

Wednesday December 08 2010
Lucas van Leyden, the child prodigy from Leiden

Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden is pleased to present, in cooperation with Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the major exhibition Lucas van Leyden and the Renaissance from 20 March through 26 June 2011. For the first time ever, the main Renaissance artist of the Northern Netherlands will be showcased (...)Read press release >>


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