Did you enjoy your visit? Do you think it’s important to conserve the history, art and culture of Leiden, so it can be shown to the public, now and in the future? You can help us with this.

Every gift – big or small – contributes directly to new acquisitions for the collection, repairs, educational projects or scientific research. You can donate to the museum in various ways. Think of an online donation, a single or periodical gift under advantageous fiscal circumstances, or a donation or legacy of objects for the museum.

Leiden tradition
By donating, you become part of a long tradition of citizens of Leiden caring about Museum De Lakenhal and supporting the museum financially. More than in other cities, de citizens of Leiden are interested in the history and culture of their residential environment. This historical awareness led to the opening of the oldest exhibition hall of Museum De Lakenhal on the 3rd of October 1872, which was advocated by citizens of Leiden.

Periodical gift
With a periodical gift you support the museum during a longer period. The museum is more than happy to assist you by providing information and by getting you in touch with the notary. Naturally, the museum will take care of the costs of the notarial act.

Donating online
A one-off donation can be made online via Ideal (button) or by filling in this direct debit (button).

Personal wishes
Naturally we can also adapt your donation to your personal wishes. Donations can consist of both one-off gifts and annuity. Of course it is also possible to donate gifts in kind: many preceded you and donated collection pieces to the museum. A special form of giving is donating via a legacy.

Tax advantages

Museum De Lakenhal, The Community of Interest and The Lucas van Leyden Patronage are classified by the tax authorities as Institutions for the Common Good (ANBI). This means a donation or gift can be subtracted from the income- and partnership taxes. The extent of the subtraction is income dependent. For a periodical gift the tax benefits for the income tax can get up to 52% of the donated amount. For more information about the fiscal aspects of donations and more information on donating please contact adres@domein.com .