Sunday September 22 2013 till Sunday January 05 2014
UTOPIA 1900-1940: Visions of a New World

The beginning of the 20th century saw the rise of two avant-garde movements that shared an unrelenting determination to change the world: Expressionism and Constructivism. Albeit both movements aspired to create a New Man in a New Society, in terms of how they envisioned this to materialize, they were diametrically opposed to one another. The exhibition UTOPIA visualizes this 20th-century force field with masterpieces from collections in and outside of the Netherlands, opening up new horizons for the 21st-century visitor.

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Tuesday January 01 2013 till Tuesday December 31 2013
Collection Museum De Lakenhal

Museum De Lakenhal is the museum for the arts, crafts and history of the city of Leiden. Since 1874 it has been housed in the Laecken-Halle (cloth hall). A 17th century city palace that once was the bustling centre of Leiden’s cloth trade.

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Sunday June 27 2010 till Tuesday November 01 2011
Lanckaert tapestry and animation film

This famous tapestry depicts all the events of the Relief of Leiden. The unique animation film gives the tapestry a new dimension by transforming it into a digital, historically and geographically accurate map.

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Sunday March 20 2011 till Sunday June 26 2011

Museum De Lakenhal is pleased to present the major exhibition Lucas van Leyden and the Renaissance, in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. For the first time ever, the most prominent Renaissance artist of the Northern Netherlands will be showcased against the background of his contemporaries. The 250-plus top quality works are on loan from Dutch and international museums, such as the Louvre, the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum. Most of them will be on display in the Netherlands for the first time. This exhibition fits well into De Lakenhal’s policy to offer high-quality exhibitions of national or international significance based on sources from Leiden.

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Saturday September 04 2010 till Wednesday June 01 2011
Historical section refurbished

On the top floor of the museum you find the historical section which was recently refurbished in its entirety. The ‘Galerij van Leidens’ gives an impression of the first museum furnishings in the history of De Lakenhal. In 1869 city architect J. W. Schaap was appointed to make this ‘pavillion’ on the second floor suitable as ‘museum of urban antiquities’. He made the stairwell leading to here. In it he placed sixteenth century windows from de ‘Schutterdoelen’. On the 27th of April 1874 the rebuilding was complete.

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Tuesday September 14 2010 till Sunday January 23 2011
Jan Rothuizen with 'Code inconnu' 2010

Visual artist and ‘unusual cartographer’ Jan Rothuizen leisurely strolled through the museum the past few months, looking at all sorts of objects, searching in the depot and leafing through the photo archive. He selected four special objects and formulated poetic phrases about the function of the museum (‘A free translation of yesterday’). He used his personal perceptions to make six monumental silkscreen prints, now on sale in the museum shop.

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Wednesday October 13 2010 till Sunday January 23 2011
Roy Villevoye: Preparations

At the request of director Meta Knol Roy Villevoye places his sculpture ‘Preparations’(2009) in the court of honour which has been dedicated to fifteenth and sixteenth century paintings since 1890. The contemporary sculpture of a black man holding a wooden crucifix shines an entirely different light on the religious, late-medieval paintings of Lucas van Leyden and Cornelis Engebrechtsz. Roy Villevoye combines the sculpture on display with a collection of Asmat ancestor skulls from Papua New-Guinea, from the collections of the Worldmuseum and the Museum for Ethnology. Prof. Dr. Henk van Os wrote two exhibition texts for this display, you can read below.

De man met het kruis
Schedels voor het Laatste Oordeel


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Wednesday September 22 2010 till Sunday January 09 2011
Ni Haifeng: Twisted Doubles

Visual artist Ni Haifeng has always been interested in the collection of Chinese pottery in De Lakenhal. Now he has made the installation ‘Twisted Doubles’ in the Singelzaal of the museum. The installation mirrors the historical Lakenhal collection, mostly brought from overseas by the East Indian trading company VOC, in contemporary mass-produced pottery. Haifeng went shopping in a Chinese department store in Amsterdam and confronts these shopping goods with their valuable, historical predecessors in the museum. The presentation comes with a series of photographs showing the production and transport of Chinese pottery now and then.

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Friday October 15 2010 till Sunday January 09 2011
Sharp letters, 40 years form of NRC Handelsblad

From the 15th of October until the 9th of January Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden presents a modest exhibition titled ‘Sharp letters, 40 years form of NRC Handelsblad’, about the history of the newspaper, from the first printed copy to nrc Next and today’s e-paper.

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Saturday October 09 2010 till Sunday January 02 2011
Hans Dagelet is guide in the unusual audio tour of Hamel en Van Campen

This year De Lakenhal invites contemporary artists to reflect on the collection of the museum, as part of the project Work in Progress. Sound artists and radio presenters Catherine van Campen and Bente Hamel kick off with their audio tour ‘To keep/ Om te houden’.

 Also in English.

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Friday October 15 2010 till Sunday January 02 2011
Rnul interactive: Laterna Magica

The whizzkids of the Rotterdam initiative Rnul Interactive became fascinated by the collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century magic lanterns. They created a contemporary, interactive installation in the cabinets of the museum inspired by the ‘Laterna Magica’. Visitors influence the projected historical images directly with their own movements. This spellbinding effect gives these historical artefacts a whole new, current dimension.

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Sunday May 30 2010 till Friday December 31 2010
Big yellow canvas by Jan Wolkers

Museum De Lakenhal purchased the last big painting of Jan Wolkers, which he called ‘the big yellow canvas’. Wolkers finished this painting shortly before his death in 2007. He considered it the apotheosis of his work as a visual artist.

Listen to a short interview with Meta Knol at the Radio 1 News.

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Tuesday August 03 2010 till Friday December 31 2010
A tin ornamental dinner set from Leiden soil

In 1968 during building works on the Herensingel a cane basket resurfaced with 46 tin plates, saucers and a jug. This was the first time such a large quantity of matching tin from the period 1525-1575 was found! This treasure from Leiden soil is on display in the museum from the 3th of August.

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Thursday September 16 2010 till Monday October 18 2010
Hermine van Bers Beeldende Kunstprijs

In Scheltema the work of the three finalists for the Hermine van Bers Beeldende Kunstprijs is presented (a privately-owned initiative of the foundation that goes by the same name). A professional jury has chosen three nominees: Irene Cecile, Thomas Raat and Izaak Zwartjes.

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Friday July 02 2010 till Monday September 20 2010
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Tuesday October 20 2009 till Sunday January 03 2010
Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Co

In close cooperation with Tate Modern in London, Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden presents a major exhibition on Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931), and this artist’s influence on the international avant-garde. Energetically and enthusiastically, Van Doesburg broke new ground as the initiator, ambassador, promoter and organiser of the new art. The 300-plus works by some 80 artists – among whom El Lissitzky, László Moholy-Nagy, Gino Severini, Kurt Schwitters, Hans and Sophie Arp, Hans Richter, Piet Mondrian, Vilmos Huszár and Alexander Archipenko – are on loan from museums from around the world. Many of these works have never been on display before in the Netherlands.

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