There is no place in the world like Leiden. Where would you find one city in which Rembrandt, Jan Lievens, Gerrit Dou, Jan Steen and Jan van Goyen all lived and worked in the same time frame? At Museum De Lakenhal – the only museum of art in the city of Leiden – paintings by these famous artists are, of course, on display. Museum De Lakenhal also takes you on a journey through the (in)famous and (sometimes) turbulent history of the city of Leiden. This includes major sections of the collection relating the ‘laken’ industry and many top artifacts devoted to and focussed on The Relief of Leiden of October 3, 1574. Artisinal works and applied arts are presented in a selection of tiles, furniture and silver works. Throughout the museum you will be taken on an adventure through the ages as much as you will be amazed by extraordinary works of contemporary art.

We feel a museum and the collection only come to life and gain meaning when people are able to see for themselves and allowed to be genuinely touched. It is with great pride and honour we present this very chance to you, our visitor. Please follow this link and to take a look at the presentation of the most cherished and favorite pieces from our collection. We warmly welcome you to our museum!


March 09 2014 till August 31 2014
Gerrit Dou. The Leiden Collection from New York
January 01 2014 till June 30 2015
Collection Museum De Lakenhal

What is on in Spring / Summer 2014